Overdenture Implants

Dental implants are small titanium anchors that are permanently placed into your upper and/or lower jaw bone. Throughout time, the implant integrates with your bone and acts very much like your natural tooth root in your jaw bone. This integration not only creates a stable foundation to attach single and multiple teeth or dentures to, it also slows bone loss because it is acting like a tooth root in your bone.

People with multiple or all of their teeth missing typically have complete or partial dentures; this treatment option is called Overdentures. Overdentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants. Overdentures were developed to help both partial and fully edentulous (missing teeth) patients regain a quality of life, which most likely has been missing since they lost their teeth.

Benefits of Overdentures

  • Overdentures utilize dental implants, so they are more stable than adhesives. Improved stability allows you to chew food more thoroughly, helping your stomach break down food more efficiently, and absorb more nutrients.
  • Eating and chewing with overdenture retained by remaining teeth or implants, will simulate your jaw bones when you eat/chew. This simulation will slow or even stop the resorption (shrinkage) process that is natural when teeth are missing.
  • The natural process of resorption (shrinkage) that occurs when you have an unhealthy or under-stimulated jaw as a result of missing teeth can, throughout time, cause the distance between your nose and your chin to shrink. This shrinking can make your face look “sunken-in” and prematurely aged.

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